​​​​​​​Immersive experiences have always grabbed my attention. Why watch a video when you can be part of it.

I realised that there is so much digital content being consumed, interacted with, purchased and sold. However, what we lack is an accessible way to display immersive content. Because of this, over the past year I have been inspired to develop a new way to display immersive 360 experiences which will allow groups of people to enter into a digital environment.

Alongside this I have created a digital fashion show to display the capabilities of the virtual reality pod. Inspired by my love of the ocean and the vast biodiversity it holds, the clothing and patterns have been influenced by bio-luminescent life, micro plankton to seaweed and, rubbish I have found on local beaches. Displaying the beauty of the natural world and the positive effects digital fashion could have on the environment.

Digital content is used by everyone why not make our interactions with it more exciting?
Alongside the physical exhibition Dive Into the Unknown was also part of a digital experience on Roblox which you can try out here: 

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